Despite Exile + Psychotria + Arcadia Bursts// Live Coopertiva Portalupi

7, Via Ronchi, Vigevano
  • Despite Exile
Despite Exile is a 5 piece metal outfit from Udine, Italy blending death metal technicality and fast riffs with epic melodies since 2010.
  • Psychotria
Pulverizing quintet hailing from north-west Italy, PSYCHOTRIA, rises from the fusion among the members of HateTyler and Berith’s Legion. The result is a mixture of influences from every member, from classic metalcore to technical death metal.
  • Arcadia Bursts
Arcadia Bursts is an Italian metalcore band from Voghera, formed in May 2012. After releasing the single “Inner Evil” in January 2013, they hit the studio at the end of 2013 and recorded “Scars of Redemption”, their first 5-track EP.