Modern Age Slavery + Synodik + Astral Path // Live Cooperativa Portalupi

7, Via Ronchi, Vigevano

The Modern Age Slavery

Formed in 2007, The Modern Age Slavery rapidly gained unanimous critical acclaim from the international press receiving the “Demo of the Month” award in Rock Hard Germany.

The release of the debut album “Damned to Blindness” via Napalm Records in 2008 delivered an aggressive sound made of grinding blast beats, merciless brutal vocals and slaughtering rapid fire double bass patterns.
Thanks to positive audience and press response, TMAS extensively toured around Europe both as headliners and as support act, like joining the “Evisceration Plague Tour” featuring CANNIBAL CORPSE, DYING FETUS & OBSCURA and the “Doomsday X Tour” featuring MALEVOLENT CREATION and VOMITORY.
The band also appeared on shows with FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE, SEPULTURA, DECAPITATED, SUICIDE SILENCE and many more.

The release of the second album “Requiem For Us All” via Pavement Entertainment in 2013 pushed their death metal war machine one step forward again, this time with a fierce mix of blazingly fast drumming, technical riffing, epic atmospheres, and crushing groove.

2017 will see the beginning of a new chapter in the death metal band.


SYNODIK is an Italian progressive/atmospheric death metal band born five years ago with the purpose of offering a powerful and strongly personal extreme metal. 2008 saw the release of the first Ep “Drown In Pain”, self-produced in 300 copies, quickly sold out in the intense live activity in Italy supporting band as Neaera, Sadist, Illogicist, Cadaveric Crematorium, Ade, Lifend, Sideblast, Nerve… In 2009 “Dehumanized” came to the light, a new single forerunner of the first full-lenght SEQUENCES FOR A NEW MATRIX produced by Fabio Palombi (Antropofagus, Nerve), mastered by Tommy Talamanca (Sadist) at Nadir Studio, released in 2012 with the stunning artworks by Moderna Studio in Poland.
We have released a video of the title track of the album available on

In 2014 the band signs a deal with the american label Imminence Records for the release of a new Ep called A Matter of Perception, that will be out on January 13th 2015.
The concept behind the music is inspired by the themes regarding the limits of human perception in the comprehension of the deepest structures of reality.
The cover artwork is a piece by Alex Hofmann of FALLUJAH.

“Sequences For A New Matrix” is a journey through spatial landscapes and desolated wasteland scenarios. The listener is plunged into the atmosphere of an apocalyptic future that is not much dissimilar from a well known reality.


Astral Path is an italian Metal band from Milan formed in 2011. Their music combines elements of Swedish Death Metal, Progressive Death and Post Rock music, from Opeth to Between The Buried And Me, The Ocean Collective, Black Crown Initiate and more